Hello BlogEngine.Net, Goodbye Wordpress

by Mwwhited 29. September 2009 23:11
I have migrated my blog from WordPress to BlogEngine.Net.  The biggest issue was a hack to support any links to the previous ?p={wordpressid} URL that was supported on the site.  I still have a little more house keeping to be back to 100% of where I was but so far I am happy.  I have no I’ll will towards WordPress I just wanted to have my blog platform match my framework of choice. If anyone is interested in the cross reference code I wrote  please feel free to contact... [More]



Strong Name Unsigned Assemblies

by Mwwhited 16. September 2009 11:09
Some times when you have create .Net applications you get carried away and get them in production without signing them with a Strong Name Key.  This may not be an issue at first but can really limit the security later when you try to deploy the app to more locations. Part of the security in .Net is from the Code Access Security and a very important part of that is Strong Named assemblies. If you get far enough along you might not be sure what version of source code is currently in produ... [More]

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